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Wed, Jan 8 2020 7:00 PM Wed, Feb 26 2020 9:00 PM
Sadly, this date has passed so tickets are no longer available.
Wed, Jan 8 2020 7:00 PM Wed, Feb 26 2020 9:00 PM
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Chakacha Classes 8 weeks cycle-January 2020
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Chakacha Classes 8 weeks cycle 8 hours of Practice and graduation present
TampaBay Afrofit was born to embody health & wellness with the Afro-Caribbean culture as the essence.
Afrocentric culture rests on traditions and ways of life that have kept us alive for centuries. The knowledge of certain practices enhances health & wellness in a way that has been ignored for too long and is so beneficial.

Afrofit is proud to introduce Chakacha as one of their load bearing dances that will be push on the forefront. It has been put together in collaborationand with the supervision and guidance of none other then the world renown choreographer / dancer / teacher Brayo Judah. It is of the utmost importance that all aspects of information, theories and practices, be relayed accurately and with integrity! Chakacha is a traditional dance from Kenya that uses percussions to challenge the control of waist winding. It is not being taught anywhere else in the USA exclusively and in details. This class is not an overview, but is intended to introduce this dance in depth. It is for women only (18 and older) and the groups will be small to encourage exchanges, attention to details and intense practice.

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